In 2020, MEST Africa partnered with the Mastercard Foundation to launch Pre-MEST—a dynamic digital skills program for Ghana’s youth. It aimed to train aspiring junior web developers and digital marketers while supporting their transition into digitally-enabled careers.

Inspired by MEST’s renowned 12-month Training Program, Pre-MEST specifically targeted young individuals across Ghana, with a focus on women and those outside Accra. The program offered a comprehensive curriculum, mentorship, soft skills training, and paid four-week internships for all participants.

Over three transformative years, Pre-MEST successfully trained over 800 individuals in Ghana. Graduates have utilized their newfound skills to secure employment in the tech industry, and some have even launched their own ventures, becoming thriving entrepreneurs. The program’s impact extends beyond employment, as graduates have provided valuable solutions to local challenges and contributed to regional development.

The just released Pre-MEST impact report:

  • highlights the program’s remarkable success from 2020 to 2022
  • showcases the contributions, achievements, and advancements made by participants and partners
  • discusses the opportunities and challenges encountered along the way

Moving forward, our commitment to delivering high-quality training and support remains resolute. We strive to equip program participants with the tools they need to thrive in an ever-evolving world, ensuring their ongoing success in digitally-driven industries.