Discover and build
tech solutions for Africa

Discover and build tech solutions for Africa

The MEST Training Program is an intensive 12-month, full-time, fully sponsored program in which the cohort – known as Entrepreneurs-in-Training (EITs) – complete a graduate-level course in software development, business, and communications, with a focus on practical implementation.
The course culminates with an investor pitch, with the chance to receive seed funding and enter MEST’s portfolio for company incubation.


The Training program provides rigorous entrepreneurial training and extensive hands-on project work, designed to ensure EITs master industry-proven methodologies for developing world-class tech businesses.

Industry Experts

Faculty members bring years of entrepreneurial and industry experience.

Hands-on Projects

EITs build, validate & pitch business ideas in a fail-safe environment. 

Full Support

All EITs receive a full scholarship to attend the 1-year training.

Guest Lectures

Supplementary lectures by experienced business executives.

A sneak-peek of our Training Program

Take a look behind the scenes as our 2019 Entrepreneurs-In-Training put final touches to their pitch presentations. At the end of the pitch sessions, $1.1M total was invested in 11 companies.

An Entrepreneur’s journey at MEST

See the timeline of activities for the MEST Training Program

  • Core of software development + business fundamentals

  • Capstone 1: Business model

    Capstone 1: Business model

  • Software + mobile app development life cycle, unit economics

  • Capstone 2: Understanding unit economics, live demo

    Capstone 2: Understanding unit economics, live demo

  • MVP, go to market + customer acquisition strategy

  • Pre-incubation + investor pitch, CEO roundtables

    Pre-incubation + investor pitch, CEO roundtables

  • NewCo Final Pitch

Software Development

  • Core Programming Languages
  • Scrum & Agile Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Development
  • Software Engineering
  • UI/UX

Business & Entrepreneurship

  • Business Strategy 
  • Business Modelling 
  • Marketing
  • Market Research 
  • Sales
  • Finance 
  • Leadership
  • Communications 
  • Lean Startup Methodology 
  • Pitching & Investor Requirements 
  • Market Research
  • Product Development and Innovation
  • Revenue and Business Modeling
  • Branding and Communications
  • Marketing and Growth Hacking
  • Financial Management and Investments
  • Legal and Regulatory Compliance
  • Metrics and Measurements
  • Sales and Traction (achieving product/market fit)
  • Building Sustainable Teams
  • Preparing for investments

Our goal at MEST is to create wealth and jobs across the continent. Our recruitment process, therefore, seeks to identify only the most ambitious and ethical people with a strong desire to build a scalable software company in Africa.

Key Characteristics We Consider:


A deep passion for starting a software company in Africa


Entrepreneurial or corporate work experience


A degree from a top university or Technical College (or equivalent experience)

Soft Skills

Confident with great leadership qualities, ability to work well with others, and communicate effectively

Commitment to the Program

Successful applicants should be ready to commit to a full residential program for a whole year

  • Complete Pre-learning courses
  • Take an aptitude test
  • Fill and submit the MEST Training Program application form
  • Interviews
  • Offer
  • Application Deadlines per country: 
    • Applications from GhanaNigeria, and the rest of the continent have been extended to 25th April 2022
    • Applications from Senegal have been extended to 4th May 2022
    • Applications from Kenya have been extended to 9th May 2022
    • Applications from South Africa have been extended to 1st June 2022
  • Final Interviews: May 2022 in Accra, Lagos, Dakkar, Nairobi and June 2022 in Johannesburg
  • Training Program begins in August 2022 in Accra

Become an Entrepreneur-In-Training

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