Spotlight on EIT- Kevin Gawo

Abu Okari | Wednesday, December 13th, 2017

This week we sat down with EIT Kevin Gawo. Read on to learn how he new entrepreneurship was the right move to him and what kinds of business ventures he’s already tried his hand at.

What were you doing before joining MEST?

I was finishing up the final year for my Bachelor’s Degree and also selling Hospital Management Software on the side.

What motivated you to join MEST?

I wanted to learn, meet people from 5 different African nations, experience living in Ghana, and build a company with amazing people.

Why do you consider yourself an entrepreneur?

The first time I knew that I wanted to be an entrepreneur was at my first job as a Maintenance Engineer. I felt like I didn’t belong and I could do more as well as offer myself and other people more value outside employment. I haven’t applied for employment since.

Kevin Gawo

Why entrepreneurship – what drove you down that path?

I love to create, and entrepreneurship is all about creation; an idea can lead into a company and a very successful business. The amount of opportunity you have is only limited by thought. You can create your own path to financial freedom.

Have you ever set up and, or, run a business? If yes, how many and what was(were) it(they) about?

I have set up a couple of businesses and lost and made money while at it.  I started out running a clothing business in 2013 while in university. I got clothes from Nairobi and sold them in Eldoret (where my school was). My clothing business shut down because of bad debts.

In 2015, alongside three friends, I launched a startup called AfyaZuri. It was a mobile app that helped users find hospitals and emergency contacts near them. AfyaZuri was among the top 10 finalists for the African Garage Competition. In 2017, we organized a festival at my university which panned out fairly well. My most recent venture, called Kizizi Enterprises, sells a Hospital Management System to health facilities.   

What do you think of MEST, and have your expectations been met so far?

So far so good. I am amazed at the people I have come to interact with here at MEST – people who are not only successful in their own own right but are also humble and willing to learn.