MEST has invested in over 60 early stage software companies, in industries ranging from e-commerce, to agritech, fintech, healthtech, AI and more!

Case Study

meQasa dominates online real estate marketplace in Ghana

After raising a Series A round, meQasa went on to become the largest online real estate marketplace in Ghana and acquired their largest competitor, Jumia House.

Storage on demand

Long term leases for large storage facilities leave small, growing businesses underserved in the storage logistics industry. The large size of these storage facilities also means that renters pay for resources they don’t use due to excess storage capacity. Shina is a platform through which businesses with excess storage capacity can lease their excess storage space to businesses that need it on a short to medium term basis.



Kibet Chessesio - CEO
Shadrack Mwangi - CTO
George Koomson - CPO

Customer retention platform

SaaS companies are losing up to 35% of their revenue due to churn. Tools currently available to identify areas where customers are churning are complex and ineffective. Nestmetric is a customer retention platform for SaaS companies that utilizes artificial intelligence (AI) to predict the behavior of customers and send real-time alerts to help businesses convert and retain their customers.



John Muchiri - CEO
Duncan Muriithi - CTO
Gerald Muriuki - CPO

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