How Moringa School Helped Jumpstart Graduates’ Careers

Sylvana Lewin | Tuesday, January 16th, 2018

Ahmed Ali and Nombuyiselo Murage are both alum of MEST partner, Moringa School. Starting in February 2018, Moringa School will be offering coding bootcamp classes, held at MEST Accra and MEST Cape Town campuses.


Ahmed and Nombuyiselo shared thoughts on their experience at Moringa School. Read on to hear why they chose Moringa and how it helped them find jobs at companies such as Gro Intelligence and FrontlineSMS.


Briefly describe yourself.

Ahmed Ali: I believe the way you behave in a group chat is very telling of your personality, so I will describe what kind of person I am in that context. I rarely speak in a group chat; I merely observe as conversation carries on – mainly because my opinions change all the time!


Nombuyiselo Murage: I am a Software Engineer at Gro Intelligence.


Why did you choose to come to Moringa School?

Ahmed Ali: I don’t have a CS background. I studied civil engineering. I knew it wasn’t for me in my first year of university, but I thought it would grow on me. It did not. I was contemplating either doing a four year degree in CS or just becoming a civil engineer. I knew that I enjoyed the problem-solving part of programming, so a friend told me about Moringa School. I like to think that if Moringa School is the start of my story then the rest of my story will be pretty great!


Nombuyiselo Murage: I chose Moringa School because I wanted to learn code. It was recommended to me by a friend.


What is your favorite memory from your time at Moringa School?

Ahmed Ali: If I was to pick one, I think it would be my first day at Moringa School. I was so excited and eager to learn. Sometimes when I’m doing something less exciting, I like to think about that day. Our first day and first impressions of each other often comes up when I meet up with other members of my cohort.


Nombuyiselo Murage: My favorite memories were the late evening code sessions with my fellow classmates. It brought a sense of camaraderie. I learned a lot from those sessions, and it created a healthy environment to challenge myself and be challenged by others.

A student receives help at Moringa School.


What is your current job? How has Moringa School helped get you to where you are today?

Ahmed Ali: I am a junior developer at FrontlineSMS. Nearly every Thursday, Moringa School had someone from the industry come and talk to us. One Thursday, the now former CTO of FrontlineSMS Sitati Kituyi came in. His topic was continuous integration (CI). While that was interesting, it was afterward when he spoke about the culture they cultivated at FrontlineSMS that stuck with me. When I finished my time at Moringa, I sent him an email and that was that!


Nombuyiselo Murage: I am a Software Engineer at Gro Intelligence, which is an agritech company. Moringa helped me learn to code, but most importantly it helped me move from a hobbyist programmer to a professional in terms of understanding and implementing best practices and standards that are used in the industry.


Why do you think learning programming is important?

Ahmed Ali: I like to build things. After I build something, I can point to it and say I did that! The instant gratification that comes when you solve a problem is also great. There are few things in life that give me that feeling. Recently, I’m also enjoying the process of learning new things and relating a new concept to something I already knew.


Nombuyiselo Murage: Programming by its very nature requires critical and logical thinking. For any solution to work, the core logic has to be sound. Programming also demands efficiency when it comes to execution of projects. A daily question any programmer is faced with is what necessary life skills can be applied and are actually relevant in most fields. This is why I think programming is important to everyone.


What would you tell someone interested in taking a course with Moringa School?

Nombuyiselo Murage: I would tell them to go for it. It was a great decision. I believe in the mantra, “there is nothing like wasted knowledge”.


If you are interested in jumpstarting a successful career in programming like Ahmed and Nombuyiselo, apply for Moringa School classes starting 12th February in Accra and Cape Town today! Apply for Cape Town here and Accra here!