MEST Recruitment Tour in Ghana, Nigeria and Kenya

MEST | Wednesday, July 29th, 2015
Jorn Lyseggen Speaking at Nairobi Garage in Kenya - Meltwater

Jorn Lyseggen Speaking at Nairobi Garage in Kenya


From West to East: MEST recruitment and leadership team, including MEST Founder Jorn Lyseggen, has had a busy couple of weeks. Sifting through over 1,500 online applications and meeting with over 150 entrepreneurs across 3 African countries has not been an easy task, but the next cohort of EITs has finally been selected!

Starting this August, MEST will host both East and West Africans at our flagship campus in Accra, Ghana. We can’t wait to get to work and see what this diverse range of determined individuals come up with – could it be the next MPESA? We’ll soon find out!

MEST founder Jorn Lyseggen also had some fun meeting with the Nairobi tech ecosystem while in town for recruitment and spoke at the Nairobi Garage’s After Hour event, sharing the MEST story and vision for a MEST Pan-African expansion, starting with recruitment for the training program in Kenya and later on, a network of incubators in Lagos, Nairobi, Cape Town and Johannesburg to support early stage startups that launch out of the MEST training program.

This incubator expansion will allow MEST early-stage startup teams to be able to determine which market in Africa is the best fit to launch their businesses and will also have the hands-on support of an on-the-ground incubator support staff (EIRs and management team) to help them do so. They’ll then be able to scale to the next market quicker and at a more successful rate, given that MEST has plans for a local presence and rich network of partners in each major market.

“The one thing I promised myself when I started MEST was that it would be a place where you’re allowed to dream big,” Lyseggen said at the event.

And dreaming big we are – cheers to a great year of software entrepreneurship training ahead.