June 2016 MEST Guest Lecture Weekend

MEST | Thursday, June 16th, 2016

The Second Guest Lecture weekend for the year starts today. The whole MEST community including Entrepreneurs, Fellows, Faculty, Managers and Entrepreneurs in the incubator are all excited. What makes this particular weekend special is the graduation and the arrival of the Meltwater Top 30 who are in the country with the CEO of Meltwater, Jorn Lyseggen to interact with the MEST family. Guest Lecture weekends present an enviable opportunity for the MEST community to learn from experienced entrepreneurs and executives.

For this month’s Guest Lectures we are fortunate to have Bankole Oluwafemi, Founder, TechCabal, Kelvin Nyame, Founder, meQasa, Cherry Eromosele, CMO, Interswitch and Kena Amoah, Founder, KudoBuzz. This line up presents a mix of accomplished entrepreneurs who graduated from the MEST program a few years ago, a manager of the company which is believed to be Africa’s first Unicorn and a storyteller whose radar hardly misses a tech announcement or event.

Speakers Profile


Bankole Oluwafemi, Founder, TechCabal

Bankole is the Founder of Techcabal, an online portal which has helped MEST tell its stories right from the early days. Bankole is a very respected blogger and has grown his blog to become the envy of many bloggers. Not only has Bankole built a tech news portal with significant audience but he has also crafted a business model around blogging. TechCabal has broken several news items and has provided a path as a trailblazer in the industry. The audience will be hearing him share his stories around the genesis of the TechCabal idea and how he has successfully grown this media empire to reach the height it has reached.


Kelvin Nyame, Founder/CEO, MeQasa

Kelvin graduated from the MEST program a few years ago after receiving a two-year tuition in software development, business, entrepreneurship and communication. Last year, Kelvin led his team to raise a follow-up investment of $800k from Frontier Digital Ventures Headquartered in Malaysia. Kelvin’s team has grown from a three-man company to one which employs dozens of employees who work hard to provide real estate options for the African market. At the company’s current growth, it is poised to become the Zillow of Africa.


Cherry Eromosele, CMO, Interswitch Group

Cherry is the Chief Marketing Officer of Interswitch, MEST’s platinum partner which is committed to ensuring the next generation of Nigerian entrepreneurs receive top-class training. The Interswitch-MEST partnership which was sealed in 2014 will see its first fruits this weekend as MEST’s very first multi-national class graduates from the class of 2016. Interswitch’s footprint on the African continent cannot be disregarded. MEST is happy to have prominent members of the company’s management such us the company’s CMO share personal stories with us and our audience. We are more than happy to hear what the company has planned for the continent.


Kena Amoah, Founder/CEO, KudoBuzz

After graduating from the MEST program in 2013, Kena and his co-founders created Kudobuzz, a tech startup which makes it easy for SMBs to find the great reviews their customers are posting to social media sites like Facebook and Twitter, and publish those glowing testimonials on the clients’ storefronts. Kena’s team quickly recognised the need for this service after seeing this social proof. With this evidence, the Kudobuzz founders have optimized thousands of websites for global clients. As a product of MEST, Kena’s story will awaken the spirit of achievement in the audience since his team’s stellar results prove the MEST founders belief about talents being equally distributed world-wide..
If you are interested in following the conversations from the June Guest Lectures, keep your eyes on the #MESTGuestLectures hashtag on twitter and feel free to let us know if you have any feedback or questions, we will do well to put them across.