MEST has invested in nearly 60 early stage software companies, in industries ranging from e-commerce, to agritech, fintech, healthtech, AI and more

Case Study

meQasa dominates online real estate marketplace in Ghana

After raising a Series A round, meQasa went on to become the largest online real estate marketplace in Ghana and acquired their largest competitor, Jumia House.

Customer loyalty programs for SMEs

SMEs in West Africa often face poor customer retention, and difficulty running successful loyalty programs. Loystar provides SMEs with mobile-based customer loyalty platform aimed at driving repeat sales for merchants.




Ayo Dawodu - CEO
Udia Umoette - Business Development
Laud Bruce-Tagoe - CTO

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Curacel Systems
Digital patient data management system

In Africa, healthcare is overwhelmingly analogue. ERP/EMRs are practically absent, with 95% of healthcare businesses (clinics, labs, and pharmacies) operating on paper. They are slow to adopt existing digital systems, largely because:

  • They are complex to use,
  • Infrastructure – like power, PCs, broadband – are inadequate or just not there
  • And these systems are hard to come by, as big EMR companies don’t have locals offices or agents

For these businesses, digital tools are difficult and expensive to implement, and they’re forced to make do with inefficiency instead. As a result, service delivery is chronically sub-standard; leading to poor care and patient outcomes, and a real downside impact on the performance of healthcare businesses.

Curacel isn tackling fraud, waste and abuse (FWA) in healthcare insurance through a digitized insurance claims tool which detects fraud and errors in customer data, while fast-tracking claims processing for both health insurers and providers.




Henry Mascot - CEO

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Video interviewing tool

CV’s do not provide enough information for employers to make informed decisions during early screening, and the over one thousand applications per open position in emerging markets further drowns out the best fit candidates. Dropque is Africa’s first interactive and intelligent talent exchange. It uses crisp candidate profiles, unassisted video interviews and AI to help companies find talent faster than ever.



Akinwoleola Opeyemi - CEO
Muyide Ibukun - CTO
Akinbobola Yinka - CPO
Mustapha Babatunde - Tech & Business

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