MEST-Incubated Flippy Campus Makes DEMO Africa’s Prestigious Top 30

Kelechi Udoagwu | Wednesday, July 22nd, 2015
Flippy Campus

The Flippy Campus Team

Yesterday DEMO Africa released a list of the Top 30 startups from across the continent to compete at this year’s edition of the annual event, which will hold in Lagos, Nigeria in September.

Among the Top 30 selected, from over six hundred (!) applicants across Africa, is MEST-incubated  Flippy Campus. This comes after Flippy’s win as one of the most outstanding startups from the DEMO pre-pitch event in Accra. They were selected for their ability to link innovation, creativity and scalability.

One of the newly formed companies from the MEST Class of 2015, Flippy Campus is also one of two companies that were funded by Meltwater this year. The Flippy application improves campus experience by keeping students up-to-date on current campus happenings. By simply following their chosen channels, students are able to get information and contribute to trending topics in their departments, halls, hostels and other communities.

In less than six months since conception, Flippy Campus has over five thousand users in three universities in Ghana. The students in these schools actively post information, examination schedules and trending topics, which they call “flips.” This organized and more reliable way of sharing information is catching on across the tertiary institutions in the Greater Accra region.

Vying after an addressable market of 100+ tertiary institutions in Ghana alone, they are currently set to conquer the Ghanaian market and then the Nigerian market, which is home to 123 universities. No stone left unturned, Flippy’s roadmap includes expansion to schools across the whole of Sub-Saharan Africa.

David Mumuni, the CEO of Flippy, enthusiastically shared his joy over the regional win and placement in this prestigious bunch. “We are very excited to be launching Flippy Campus at the DEMO Stage in Nigeria. DEMO is where some of the most innovative companies go to launch, and we look forward to introducing Flippy to the continent’s leading investors, media and others in attendance. This is only the beginning for Flippy.”

In addition to Flippy pitching on stage, MEST Founder Jorn Lyseggen is one of the keynote speakers at this year’s DEMO conference, and several individuals from the MEST management team will be in attendance cheering on Flippy.

Two companies from the MEST incubator, Paysail and Beam competed last year at DEMO Africa 2014. Following their pitches on the big stage, Paysail was named one of five DEMO LIONS (top five teams at the conference). As part of the award, PaySail received a trip to Silicon Valley and a spot on stage at DEMO Silicon Valley.

With another MEST-incubated company on the Top 30 DEMO Africa Stage this year, we are rooting for Flippy and hope they make it all the way!