EIT Spotlight: Precious Okafor

Abu Okari | Tuesday, September 12th, 2017

Name: Precious Okafor

Hometown: Nnewi North Local Government area of Anambra state, Nigeria.

Nickname:  Friends call me Prepre, my extended family calls me Susu. My parents call me Ebynwa and my siblings call me Eby.

Why do you wake up in the morning?

My love for my family. My drive to make my family and community, the people who have always trusted me, always believed I can do big things, proud.

I believe I can achieve so much. I believe I can create a society that makes it  easier for women, especially family women, to build successful careers and families. I believe having a successful home is as important as having a successful career for an African woman, or women all over the world. You know how people say that as a woman you cannot have a successful career and home at the same time? Well, I believe that with the right support systems in place, both goals are attainable.

I love the idea of family. I come from a great one where I watched my mom run a successful business while managing her family. It wasn’t easy but she was able to achieve it because she had support systems (a luxury that not a lot of African women are privileged to have). And because  I want to  build a successful career and home for myself in the future, I want to put in place tools and systems that would help me, or any other woman out there, achieve this dream.

Do you believe being at MEST is a step towards achieving this?

Of course!  Where else could I be right now?  The world is changing faster than we anticipate, products and services are going digital.  Internet penetration in Sub-Saharan Africa remains on the rise, and I believe MEST would equip me with the tools that I need to capitalize on this growth and make an impact.

Do you think there is someone out there doing something close to what you want to do that you’d like to point out, or someone you look up to?

There is no one that is doing something close to what I want to do that I know of. There could be, but in my research I am yet to come across one. And I acknowledge my research is still a bit limited.  

I admire  Michelle Obama a lot though.  She is this beautiful and well educated woman! She had a great law career before she became the First Lady. She was great as First Lady and was able to raise a beautiful, successful family while at it.  Some could argue that she got help, but that is the point! If I could be able to replicate that same system into one more accessible to women in Africa, and all over the world, the change we would see would be phenomenal. Just nations of  women with happy homes and successful careers. You cannot even begin to imagine the possibilities that could bring about.

Precious during the BBB Challenge that took place in the back drop of Chale Wote Festival.

What are some of your strengths?

My communication skills. I am confident in my ability to be able to communicate with people, to be able to understand them and relate with them.  A lot of times I am able to relate with what people share with me without having necessarily experienced what they shared. This helps me build relationships that are very beneficial to my personal and career life.

I am also good at project management, networking, raising funds, and I’m a great  salesperson (I can pretty much sell anything!).

Why did you choose entrepreneurship?

I have these things I want to achieve, all these things I want to change and I thought – who better than me to do all these? To whom much has been given much is expected, and I have been given a lot!.

Besides, the only way you can guarantee the change you want to see in the world, is to go out and make it happen yourself. That, coupled with the decision to focus on working tirelessly on my dreams, instead of someone else’s, is why I am an entrepreneur.

What do you hope to achieve while at MEST?

I want to achieve exposure. I also want the Meltwater network. I want to leave here very proficient in business and technology. I want to become excellent in communicating, such that when I speak, I am so clear that people just want to give me their money!

What do you think of your experience at MEST so far?

It has been great! I am having so much fun  meeting all the different people. The lectures are great. I am learning so much. At this rate I will become the business pro I want to be in a year! Tech is a bit challenging but fun too. I just need to get a hang of it, which I will soon given the rate at which Francis (tech fellow) pushes me.

Do you have any secret skills?

I can read people. I can eat a lot of food and not necessarily gain weight!.I am good at building networks. I easily build deep connections with people, it’s such a blessing.