MEST & Vodafone Partner to Power West African Entrepreneurs

MEST, Monday February 2nd 2015

The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and Vodafone Ghana have launched a partnership to drive entrepreneurship and innovation in the region.

Under this partnership, Vodafone provides its infrastructure and technology base to nurture and provide support for MEST and the Ghanaian developer communities. MEST and Vodafone will particularly work together to support MEST entrepreneurs and startups in several stages:


• Co-identifying white spaces in the market

• Co-hosted hackathon and innovation events


• Building on top of existing Vodafone platforms

• Routes to markets around the world

• Go-to-Market collaboration

• Technical integrations, product testing, marketing support

• Pre-installations on consumer market and internal use cases


• Ecosystem and market development

• Investment, exit and partnership opportunities

The partnership kicks off with a two-day Hackathon focusing on the theme, ‘Using the power of technology to simplify lives,’ which will serve as a platform in formatting solutions that will address everyday issues such as lifestyle, transportation, entertainment, household management and other related social needs.

Ekua Odoom, Managing Director of MEST, said of the partnership, “Vodafone continues to be a true tech leader in Ghana and we’re elated to partner with them in a way that plays to both of our organizations respective strengths. West Africa needs this kind of support for budding entrepreneurs to solve real-world, local problems through technology. We’re happy to be able to team up with Vodafone and provide such a platform.”

We, for one, are excited to see what we can achieve together. Watch this space for updates and follow us on Twitter @MESTghana to join in on the action.