The TroTro Apps Challenge – MEST, May 27-28

MEST, Thursday May 19th 2016

  • Are you a developer with interests in data and development?

  • Do you have ideas that can transform Accra’s public transport system?

  • If you had access to data on 300+ well mapped trotro routes / networks in Accra, what would you do with it?

MEST in partnership with the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) and the French Agency for Development (AFD) are organizing the Accra TroTro apps challenge on May 27-28 to bring together key players in Accra’s public transport sector and the technology ecosystem to brainstorm and develop solutions aimed at utilizing the rich data gathered on the TroTro routes in innovative ways and enhancing mobility in Accra.

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About the Event

With a current population of about 4 million and more than a million people commuting to the city for various socio-economic activities, Accra is faced with a significant public transport and mobility challenge. The AMA, through its department of transport and in partnership with the AFD has gathered TroTro data on over 300 active routes and hundreds of stops. At the TroTro Apps Challenge, for the first time ever, the data will be officially made public!

During this 2-day event, technology innovators will compete to come up with exciting app ideas in the field of mobility based on the data of Accra’s over 300 active trotro routes.

WHAT: Accra Trotro Data Throw-Down

DATE: May 27-28, 2016