Ten Reasons We Love MEST

Sylvana Lewin, Wednesday February 14th 2018

As February is the month of love, and we’re celebrating 10 years of MEST in 2018, we reached out to our founders, fellows, staff, and EITs for ten reasons why our community loves MEST!

The Culture

“I love MEST because of the different kinds of people coming together to contribute to a culture that’s largely generous, positive, and special.” - Ayo Dawodu, Loystar

“I love MEST because the values aren’t just written; they’re values that you see everyday in the lives of people in our MEST family. MEST has taught me that I can do whatever I set my mind to.” - David Kenechukwu Obi, Joluud

The Community

“I love MEST because of the community. Everyday I get to work with people and companies that inspire me with drive, ideas, and passion. Not only this, but the individual personalities at the Incubator, training program, and elsewhere always put a smile on my face, even on days when I'm too stressed to think straight.” - Sylvana Lewin, MEST Incubator Accra CM

“I love MEST because there's always a hug waiting after those down days.” - Aaron Fu, MEST MD

“I love MEST because of the positive energy community members provide each other. When I wake up in the morning feeling dull, I am always in a hurry to come to MEST and meet MESTers who always put a smile on my face. The strength and support we draw from each other creates a bond that is stronger than that of family ties. I have made friends all over the world, including EITs, Meltwater employees, teaching fellows, and guest lecturers. At MEST the opportunity to network is endless. I love MEST for the long-lasting community and friends it has given me.” - Tuffuor Samuel, RetailTower CEO

The People

“I love MEST because of the people - the generosity and the amount of knowledge I learn from all of them. I love that if I need assistance in any field, there is always a MEST network to look up to. I also love MEST for the diversity of culture of the people.” - Derrick Mwiti, EIT Class of 2018

The Diversity

“I love MEST because of the culture! Not just the company culture but also the diverse backgrounds of everyone here. I feel like I've been around the word just connecting with the ridiculously amazing people I get to work with everyday.” - Tobi Lafinhan, Recruitment Lead

“I love MEST because it has made me learn and appreciate the diversity among us as well as realize our similarities regardless of where we come from. MEST brings out the best in people, and it’s upon this that great things are born and an amazing future is created. MEST is one of the best gifts in my life.” - Cavendish Mwangi, EIT Class of 2018

The Environment

“I love MEST because it’s an environment in which you are encouraged to develop yourself, take risks and go out of your comfort zone. I also love MEST because it is a human organization that truly trusts people and their capacity to change the world. It will not hesitate to invest in them to make this change happen.” - Celine Duros, Head of Operations

The Vision

“I love MEST for its purpose and vision, for its strong commitment to its culture, and mostly because it affords me the opportunity to work with the most awesome people from 5 African countries everyday. Each year I am amazed at the quality of the community that quickly forms so firmly here in Accra. I will be forever grateful for the opportunity to know MEST the way I have. MEST POWER!” - Todd Holcombe, MEST Senior Faculty

The Open Environment

“I love MEST because they listen. MEST listens to the EITs and does its best to implement their suggestions. Being a fully sponsored program, it can be easy for MEST to say that it’s doing them a favour and they have no right to offer suggestions, but they don’t. They care!” - Andrew Nduati, InvestXD

The Family

“I love MEST because it’s a family. We learn together, eat together and live together. That means a lot to me.” - Elohor Thomas, EIT Class of 2018

“I love MEST because it’s a family, and like many families MEST gives you a chance when no one else would.” - Opeyemi Akinwoleola, DropQue

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The Food

“I love the food at MEST and the awesome kitchen staff who always give me extra red red!” - Jakub Byc, MEST Incubator Accra Fellow

The Minds

“I love MEST because it's a great opportunity to be around great minds. This is inspiring and insightful, as much as it is humbling.” - Oluwatomisin Adeshiyan, EIT Class of 2018

If you’re interested in joining the MEST community and sharing the love, apply for our 2019 cohort today! Applications can be found here.