Press Release: AF Radio launches its own audio ad network called AdMaxx

Sylvana Lewin, Tuesday July 17th 2018

Accra, Ghana 16th July, 2018AdMaxx is an audio ad network for radio and podcast content that launches today. It will enable brands to place audio ads on all playback and audio content hosted on AF Radio. Now African radio stations will be able to generate a new form of revenue by connecting brands with engaged audiences.

AdMaxx makes it easy to create, upload and select audiences based on a brand’s preferred audience. If you want people to get to know about your brand or drive sales, whatever you sell, from concert to air tickets to houses, AdMaxx is the right place to share and sell your products.

Bubunyo Nyavor, CEO of AF Radio, says,

“Since October 2017, AF Radio has been on a mission, to transform the way Africa currently produces and engages with audio content. We are consistently working to improve AF Radio for consumers - starting with revenue generation for content producers. With the launch of AdMaxx, we are entering the next phase of our vision.”

The AdMaxx platform is a self-serve ad platform that monetizes audio content through dynamic 30 second max ad insertions on prime content on AF Radio. With over 600 podcast and audio clips uploaded monthly on AF Radio, we securely serve content over 150 thousand times each month.

Getting started with Admaxx is easy. After creating an account using your email address, you can upload your audio ad, which should have a maximum length of 30 seconds. Next, you select your audience, budget, start and end dates. Ads are paid for on a per listen basis. You pay for how many times your ad has been heard, and you can start and stop at any time of the day. This gives you maximum control of your campaign.  Our analytics tool will show you how many times your ad has been heard and the number of times it has been clicked. Multimedia Ghana and Omni Media (Citi FM) are some of our initial partners. With them, brands in Ghana can be assured of a premium audience for their content.

If you are passionate about producing relevant audio content, from radio to podcasts and everything in between, sign up with us to increase your revenue.  

Get your message out there with AdMaxx. Be heard.

About AF Radio

AF Radio is an award-winning product by Alt Technologies LTD, that helps audio content producers increase their revenues, through dynamic audio ads. Established in 2017, we work with media houses such as Multimedia Ghana, and Omnimedia Ghana to serve listeners across Ghana. The company currently operates in Ghana with plans to expand into other African countries before the end of 2018.

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