DropQue One of Top 10 Nigerian Startups at SeedStars World

MEST, Friday August 25th 2017

MEST is thrilled to announce that  DropQue, a MEST Lagos Incubator startup, has been selected to participate in the Seedstars World pitch competition in Lagos today.

Seedstars World is an annual startup competition that looks for the best startups from over 65 countries around the world and offers a variety of prizes including a $500,000 equity investment to the global winner. Competitors must first apply and if they are identified as a top startup, they will then move on to pitch at a local competition. Local winners then compete at the Seedstars Summit in Switzerland and also have the opportunity to attend Regional Summits.

DropQue has been selected as one of the ten early-stage startups that will be competing at the event in Nigeria. CEO Opeyemi Akinwoleola knows they have what it takes to go all the way to Switzerland! “Recruiters in Nigeria on average receive 1,000 to 1,600 applications for a single role,” Akinwoleola said.”We decided something had to be done to cut down this workload.”

[caption id="attachment_5314" align="aligncenter" width="729"]                                   DropQue intends to cut recruitment time in half through use of video interviews.[/caption]

Based on these insights, DropQue created an app that intends to cut recruitment time in half through use of video interviews. The app is also specifically built to handle slow or faulty internet connections. The team is also currently working on an AI-powered app that will analyze candidate profiles and responses that will make it even easier for recruiters to find the best candidates.

Akinwoleola likes to say, “DropQue is in the business of looking for diamonds amongst stones”. While maximizing the efficiency of the hiring process, DropQue highlights candidate stories and uncovers their potential.

When it comes to the potential of the DropQue team, Akinwoleola believes MEST played a big role. “Our time at MEST taught us to look at solutions and problems differently, and provided us with important skills. Most importantly, MEST brought this team together.”

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