MEST Partner Moringa School Offers Intro to Software Development Classes

Thea Sokolowski, Wednesday August 9th 2017

MEST is excited to announce a partnership with Moringa School, a software development accelerator program based in Nairobi, Kenya.

Moringa School aims to minimize the gap between rising demand for software developers in Africa and access to proper training and skill-building courses. Founded in 2014 in Kenya, Moringa offers a Prep, fundamentals of programming, course and a Core, advanced software engineering, course.

Following Core training, Moringa students are matched with open job opportunities locally. The program to date has a 95% job placement rate. Graduates go on to work at companies like Safaricom, SamaSource and Gro Intelligence. Through quality instruction and a focus on outcomes, the team aims to create world-class developers in Africa.

In Ghana, Moringa is offering Moringa Prep training - a 5-week, full-time computer science fundamentals course that covers foundational to high-level programming languages.

Students will learn:

  • HTML and CSS: web presentation and styling languages

  • Git: the tool programmers use to track code

  • Command line: the tool programmers use to interact with their computers

  • Markdown: a simple language for documents

  • JavaScript: a web programming language

  • Jquery: a JavaScript library for making interactive web pages

  • Bootstrap: a framework for easily creating user-friendly websites

Moringa is now accepting applications for its inaugural class in Accra, Ghana, commencing 4th September, 2017.

To apply, visit:

Classes will be at MEST Campus - 20 Aluguntuguntu Street, Ambassadorial Enclave, East Legon, Accra, Ghana.