MEST Member Feature: The Field

Nazli Allie, Thursday June 28th 2018

MEST Incubator Cape Town is home is to tech entrepreneurs, freelancers and small businesses. This month we spoke to our members at The Field - to find out more about their Digital Innovation and Transformation Programme and what they’re up to.

Who is The Field?

The Field is a purpose-led organisation, formed in 2017 by four partners sharing a passion for technology, innovation, purpose-driven impact and societal development. The Field is not a place it’s an ecosystem which brings together people who are committed to preparing the world for the emerging future.
We can’t describe this future yet, but we know it is digital, we trust it is abundant, and we believe it will pivot around innovation.

The Field curates and delivers transformative learning experiences that develop powerful, purpose-led and future-ready leaders and organisations. We do this as a global learning institution providing learning experiences that include world class content, curated learning journeys, best in class examples of innovation laboratories and personalised digital coaching.

Our range of programmes and products cover key technologies and trends in the digital and future space that are transforming the way we work, live, and relate to one another.

These are grouped into five focus areas:

  1. Emerging Technology (e.g. metatechnologies, robotics, AI, blockchain)

  2. Future Ways of Working (e.g. purpose-centred, agile/lean, data-driven, systems thinking, customer-centric, design-led)

  3. Strategy (e.g. strategic foresight, innovation capability, leveraging digital trends & operating models)

  4. Leadership (e.g. digital and purpose-led leadership; leveraging purpose)

  5. Context (e.g. impact of economic, political and other social disruptions)

How has tech enabled (or driven) your services?

Our business is digital. We prepare other organisations for digital disruption and transformation. We’re digital in the way we run our operations, communicate and work with our clients, all on online channels; however, we have not lost our human touch. Our workshops and sessions are interactive, hands on, collaborative and co creative and centred around the belief that digital transformation only happens through personal transformation.

More critically, organisations are struggling to adapt their culture and people capabilities to transform and lead change in this emerging, digital future. While much of the focus is on building capability in and knowledge of emerging technologies, which includes;

  • Empathetic listening and awareness to capitalise on diverse opinions, perspectives and lead customer-centricity

  • Balancing stability and change to leverage new ways of thinking whilst optimising existing practices

  • Teaming and hyper collaboration to realise shared value and innovation

  • Developing agility and adaptability to navigate the complex, systemic problems

  • Rapidly innovating through iterative learning to effectively respond to rapid change

Purpose enables capability.

Without a deep connection and sense of personal (and collective) purpose, leaders cannot effectively drive commitment and motivation; communicate future direction; realise a sense of shared responsibility; nor can they drive successful impact. Despite the power of purpose to achieve innovation and transformative change, few organisations today are committed to developing their leaders sense of purpose or aligning that purpose with their organisations.

Tell us a bit about your digital innovation and transformation programme?

We don’t need to tell you that the world is going through a fundamental change and that traditional ways of working and organising businesses, economies and political systems are failing. You’re on the sharp edge of this, needing to do more with less while struggling to navigate complexity and leverage the power of technology and innovation to be prepared for the next economy and society, which is what this course prepares you for.

Our digital innovation and transformation programme is facilitated by our partners at Innovation Leadership Group, who are global experts in the field.  Led by Dr. Tamara Carleton, ILG is an innovation firm based in Silicon Valley specialising in innovation models, methods, and tools necessary for leading in the digital future.

This course is designed for a small cohort of select participants who strive to be innovative leaders.

What impact do your learning experiences ​create?

Our offerings are designed to:

  • Build leadership and organisational capability in and deepen understanding of emerging technologies and future trends

  • Shift mindsets away from old ways of working to align with the future ways of working in a rapidly shifting, global context Generate new ideas and solutions for leaders and their organisations

  • Connect leaders and curate ecosystems for leveraging and sharing learning

  • Prepare leaders in solving the complex, emerging challenges of our future

What does The Field Future look like?
The future of The Field is bright and very busy! We just keep growing and growing with the change happening all around us.

Find out more about our member packages or book a tour at the MEST Incubator in Cape Town get in touch with us here.