MEST EITs launch 'Dear Entrepreneurs' Podcast

Chidi Nwaogu, Sunday May 12th 2019

This post was written by Chidi Nwaogu, an Entrepreneur-in-Training in the MEST Africa Class of 2019.

Chidi and Olamide, hosts of Dear Entrepreneurs

Why we decided to start Dear Entrepreneurs

On April 2, 2019, Nigerian entrepreneur Jason Njoku tweeted about how entrepreneurship abuses and consumes us if we let it. And this is nothing but the truth. Entrepreneurship isn't glamorous at all, and often it affects our mental health.

However, in contrast to Jason's opinion, I believe there can be true happiness in it if you share your pains, mistakes, worries, failures, and shortcomings with other like-minded entrepreneurs, and receive feedback and help, and grow with it.

In a bid to achieve this, I have started a podcast for entrepreneurs called "Dear Entrepreneurs". Olamide Akomolafe (a fellow Entrepreneur-in-Training at MEST) and I will be anchoring this podcast every Saturday, where we will talk about our experiences as entrepreneurs - the good and the bad - in an effort to encourage other entrepreneurs going through tough times. We will be answering questions asked, with respect to our lives as entrepreneurs, so that our answers will be more practical and useful.

Chidi at the University of Lagos speaking on the hurdles of subsistence entrepreneurship

Upcoming guests

We've had Aaron Ejeme on the podcast, and we'll be having Yannick Amatcha - both MEST EITs in the Class of 2019. Yannick will talk about his experience at the MIT Innovation Bootcamp he attended in Tokyo, Japan. We will also be reaching out to other tech entrepreneurs across Africa to jump on the podcast and share their stories, mostly focusing on the challenges they faced and their failure stories (the part of the stories left out on the media).

An overview of our episodes so far

So far, we've spoken on the inspiration behind the Dear Entrepreneurs podcast, discussed "What makes an ideal entrepreneur?", and talked in-depth about our failures as entrepreneurs and how we learned from them. We also talked about how we avoid 'burning out'. All these topics were part of our first episode.

In later episodes, we talked on how to gain quick and quality traction for your business, especially if you're bootstrapping, and have very little capital. We spoke on the difference between a 'must-have' and a 'good-to-have' product or service, and why it's best to spend a lot of time in the ideation phase in order to develop a 'must-have' solution that will sell itself.

We also argued whether it's better to start up a business as a single founder or as a co-founder. And if you're starting a business with someone else, what you should look out for when choosing the right co-founder for your business. We voiced some honest opinions about why many founding team members split and go their separate ways, and how to avoid it.

Who's listening to Dear Entrepreneurs

So far, we've garnered hundreds of listeners from Nigeria, Ghana, Kenya, Canada, Germany, United States and Mauritius.

You can listen to all our past and future episodes of Dear Entrepreneurs at --- our podcast is also available Google Podcasts, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, and more.