MEST Alum Richard Brandt Trains Future Developers through Codetrain

Thea Sokolowski, Wednesday August 2nd 2017

As the Ghanaian economy continues to grow, more companies are jumping on the digital bandwagon, leaving an increasing need for developer talent in the country.

MEST alum Richard Brandt took note of the growing demand for developer talent during his time as a co-founder in the MEST incubator. “The most important thing in a growing ecosystem is the talent. At MEST we needed talent, but it was so hard to find. Right now it’s really difficult to find the resources to power all the businesses and startups.”

As a result, Brandt got together with fellow entrepreneurs to launch tech training program Codetrain early this year, with a goal of training app developers and matching them to job opportunities in the community.

[caption id="attachment_5179" align="alignnone" width="665"]Codetrain MEST alum Codetrain students dive into technology development and design[/caption]

Brandt is focused on helping to grow Ghana’s talent pool, noting the foundation necessary to attract interest from investors. “It will draw investment money as a destination if there’s good talent,” he stated. “As well, creating work for emerging talent helps to tackle the high unemployment rate among youth in Ghana.”

Codetrain works by training interested developers and later placing them in internships or jobs at startups. They take trainees at all levels and put them through an intensive course in web and mobile development, Wordpress, Marketing and design, and intend to create a stream of talent for local businesses.

The idea has a similar mission to the famous Zuckerberg-funded Andela, but a key difference is its focus on hiring talent for local businesses, as opposed to companies abroad. As more companies become tech savvy and start to come online, there’s more focus on tech and a greater need for new hires.

Codetrain MEST

The Codetrain team now has 7 employees, and they’ve trained over 200 people. They intend to focus on their strategy and monetization in the future. “The main thing we’re trying to do is to create a good talent pool to help tech companies find talent more easily, with the intention of convincing more investors to focus on the local ecosystem.”

Check out Codetrain at or on Facebook.