MEST AgriTech Companies Celebrate Farmers' Day

Sylvana Lewin, Friday December 15th 2017

On Friday, December 1st, MEST’s six AgriTech teams were out in full force taking part in Farmers’ Day celebrations across the country. National Farmers’ Day is celebrated every year in Ghana to honor farmers and fishers and acknowledge the vital role they play in the nation’s socio-economic development.

Through a partnership with the Kosmos Innovation Center, the MEST Accra Incubator welcomes new AgriTech teams each year. Currently, there are six AgriTech teams in the incubator with KIC.

AgroInnova is addressing the challenges of poultry farming through their Akokotakra system, which enables poultry farmers to record, monitor, and track their operations in real time.

Anitrack is helping livestock farmers monitor their animals through a web-app that tracks health and helps identify animals. Their innovative solution uses an array of sensors in the form of a wearable collar that monitors animal vitals and reports when necessary. The Anitrack team understands the vital role farmers play in Ghana: “Agriculture is one of the largest sources of income for societies in Africa. In Ghana it is a very important economic activity, employing about 60% of the economically active population.”

CompleteFarmer is making farming accessible for all. Their online dashboard provides real time insights into what’s happening on farms, making it possible to manage your farm remotely. The team believe that Ghana’s farmers are integral to the economy but need some help from technology. CEO Nanette Baimbill-Johnson explained, “To maximise and fully benefit from this space, agriculture has to be disrupted with technology.”

Ghalani is a farm management solution that enables farmers and agribusinesses to efficiently and accurately manage their farm records so as to increase productivity and reduce costs.

QualiTrace is working to put an end to counterfeit agricultural inputs. They provide an anti-counterfeiting solution by authenticating inputs and validating outputs using mobile phone technology. The team participated in both the District Farmers’ Day exhibition in Anyanisu and the National Farmers’ Day exhibition in Kumasi to create awareness around the need to authenticate farm inputs before purchase and use. CEO Kenneth Abdulai Nelson believes farmers are not only the start of the food supply chain, but also the most important players. For him, AgriTech was an obvious choice: “The world is embracing the new age of technology in agriculture, which is more effective and produces higher yields, and it is time for Ghana to embrace it, too.”

TroTro Tractor is combating Ghana’s tractor deficit. Through their mobile app, they’re connecting farmers and tractor operators to ensure that no farmer goes without a tractor! The team spent their weekend on the move attending a variety of events. COO Emmanuel Ansah-Amprofi took part in the National Celebration held in Kumasi. CEO Kamal Yakub joined a discussion on JOY FM on Farmers’ Day. GOO Nana Kwame Darko attended the celebrations in Awutu Senya West District, Bawiase after being invited by the district Director of Agriculture. During all activities, the team highlighted TroTro Tractor’s commitment to farmers. Darko explained, “Agriculture is the mainstay of the economy and major source of employment in Ghana. We depend on farmers.”

The agriculture industry is valued globally at about $3.2 trillion. In Africa alone, the industry is worth $300 billion, a number which is on the rise. In Ghana, agriculture is valued at $7.4 billion. Agriculture is the largest sector of Ghana’s economy, making it critical to the development of the nation. Currently there are around 1,000 agribusinesses in Ghana registered under the Ministry of Food and Agriculture. Agribusiness is definitely on the rise. Both MEST and Kosmos have seen the potential agribusiness has to make on the local economy, and we believe that it is through technology that agriculture can reach its peak value.

Keep following our AgriTech teams and all they are doing to help farmers!