meQasa Unveils New Logo and Mobile Apps

Sylvana Lewin, Wednesday June 27th 2018

Ghana’s leading online real estate platform, meQasa, has been making waves in the real estate industry since it began in 2013. Last November, they became the first MEST company to make acquire a competitor when they acquired Jumia House Ghana. In a short time, they’ve managed to change the real estate marketplace in Ghana and set the pace for future growth. The founders have brought a level of ease to buying property in Ghana that had not been seen before. Today the team has recognized that meQasa has hit a period of evolution in its growth.

In order to take this growth to the next level and bring even further impact to the real estate market, meQasa has announced that they will be releasing two new mobile applications to complement their current website. The applications will focus on specific needs of homeseekers, as well as agents and sellers, which the team has determined after gathering data in the market over the last 5 years. .

[caption id="attachment_7073" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Members of the meQasa team. Members of the meQasa team.[/caption]

Along with the the launch of these new mobile apps, meQasa will be rebranding and revealing a new logo to accompany their evolution. We spoke to meQasa team member Juliet Buntuguh to learn more about the upcoming rebrand and new mobile apps.

Why is meQasa rebranding?

Over the last five years, has evolved from a simple website for finding and selling property to a powerful tool that allows seekers to make informed decisions about real estate in Ghana. The rebranding is a visual representation of this evolution.

What will the rebrand look like?

The rebrand will consist of a change of colors and a new logo. The new logo is cleaner and more precise, consisting of a simple flat house and a location icon. The two elements together signify the ability of meQasa to locate property all over the country.

The new colours, white, pink and dark blue emphasize the progression of meQasa from its inception to where it is today. White symbolizes new beginnings, pink is warm and inviting, and blue indicates loyalty and a daring spirit.

[caption id="attachment_7032" align="aligncenter" width="665"]meQasa's new logo. meQasa's new logo.[/caption]

Why the addition of the mobile apps?

We are particularly excited about the mobile apps. We have two of them - one for seekers (i.e. people looking for property) and one for agents (i.e. people renting out or selling property). The introduction of the mobile app aims to make it easier for people to navigate their own property preferences, while providing cost and time efficient means to acquiring property.

The seeker app allows people to browse through thousands of listed properties at the click of a button. They can also  save their search preferences, filter their searches, and send their search preferences to others. Seekers will receive notification alerts concerning properties they may be interested in based on their search preferences. Another feature is that seekers can directly call, text, whatsapp, or email property agents at the click of a button.

The other mobile application, primarily for real estate agents, promises to list properties to agents’ portfolios up to three times faster than the current systems. It also serves as a virtual office. Every detail of an agent’s portfolio is synced online, allowing them to preserve information even when their devices malfunction. The app also features push notifications from seekers on  properties managed by agents, to encourage prompt response times.

The meQasa agent app allows agents to make edits to their portfolio easily, especially when listing a new property on the market or marking it as unavailable. This is because with the mobile app, there is no third party interference. The mobile app still maintains the features of the desktop app but with additional exclusive features such as the direct communication between agents and seekers via WhatsApp.

meQasa CEO Kelvin Nyame believes that the rebrand and mobile app is the obvious next step for the company. He explained,

" is currently the number 1 real estate portal in the Country. As such, we recognize the position we are in as a market leader and that's why we are taking innovative steps to facilitate fast and convenient interactions between property seekers and home owners or sellers.

Property searches are increasingly mobile and that's why our website is optimized for it. The house hunting experience, however, can be long and tedious and requires more than a browser, which is why we created two new mobile apps for seekers and agents. It just made absolute sense to build a standalone app that is intuitive, reliable and centralizes the house hunting process. At the core of the two new apps is convenience for the user."

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