JeSuisAnas and MEST Present Ghana’s Biggest Anti-Corruption Hackathon

Sylvana Lewin, Thursday November 29th 2018

In 2017, Transparency International reported Ghana had a score of 40/100 on their perceived level of public sector corruption scale with 0 being highly corrupt and 100 being very clean. This left Ghana ranking just above the average score of 32 for Sub-Saharan Africa, but still far behind many countries, only ranking 81/180. Not only this, but since 2014 corruption levels have actually been steadily rising.

To create a corruption resilient Ghana, action must be taken. #JeSuisAnas is a movement started by Klarity and Tiger Eye Foundation to set a new narrative for Ghana, a narrative where democracy and human rights are strong and corruption is non-existent. For this narrative to form, to grow, and to be resilient, it needs to be built by the people.

On December 5th, MEST and #JeSuisAnas will be hosting a Warm Up Hackathon in preparation for Ghana’s biggest anti-corruption hackathon, which will be taking place in February 2019 at MEST. During this event, participants will learn more about anti-corruption techniques, form teams for the upcoming hackathon, and begin ideation. They will also receive coaching from pitching expert Kamil Nabong, founder of the first Sub Saharan African company to go to 500 Startups.

Each team will have the opportunity to pitch their corruption tackling concept to a panel of judges, who will select the top concepts to form the basis of February’s Anti Corruption Hackathon, where teams will gather again to build functional products.

Have your voice heard and help generate ideas for how to grow awareness of corruption and its negative effects in Ghana as well as how to enable people to take action against corruption. RSVP to if you would like to attend this important event!