It's a Guest Lecture week at MEST!

MEST, Friday June 8th 2012

Today at MEST, we are excited to have 4 very interesting guest speakers for our Guest Lectures. Here's a brief on their profiles:

Rik Thorbecke: Chief Financial Officer at Meltwater Group. Before Meltwater, Rik was Chief strategy officer at Plastic Logic.

Adam Jackson: Founder and chief Product officer,, a venture-backed startup focused on helping people make better decisions about owning and maintaining their cars. Adam is an engineer/architect by trade, with a focus on web-based applications and large-scale data mining.

Mike Butcher: Mike Butcher is the editor of TechCrunch Europe and founder of Techhub, Mike is very interested in investment and the tech start up scene in Africa and specifically Ghana.

Eric Osiakwan: Founder, Internet Research, Ghana. Eric also Founded and helped establish the Ghana New Ventures Competition, African ISP Association, Ghana ISP Association, Free and Open Source Foundation for Africa, Ghana Internet eXchange, Ghana Connect, Internet Research, International Institute for ICT Journalism, African Elections Portal, Novica West Africa, Ghana Cyber City, etc.

You can follow live updates from our community page.