Ghalani Finds Fresh Perspective with Enpact

ghost_okari, Wednesday September 13th 2017

Tech startups are all about thinking outside of the box. But it's easy to get caught up in the problem if you don't take a minute to step back once in awhile. Ghalani CEO Tabitha Nanzala is doing just that.

Recently, Tabitha traveled to Berlin to start a mentorship program through Enpact. During the course of eight months, participants attend two startup camps in two different regions. They each get paired with two entrepreneurs - one from their region and another one from Europe. Additionally, they’re visited by mentors from the regions where their companies are based. Mentors come from a variety of fields and are matched with mentees based on core skill sets. At the end,  they get to join an alumni group with others who have gone through the program.

Tabitha co-founded Ghalani last year with Amanze Ogbonna while at MEST. Ghalani is a farm management system that helps farmers manage their farm records so as to increase productivity  while reducing costs. The startup received $50k in funding from the Kosmos Innovation Center  and joined the KIC and MEST incubators.

While in Berlin, Tabitha participated in workshops, mentor speed-dating, fireside chats, eco-tours, and more. Her biggest take away from the trip, however, came from discussions with mentors and participation in a dream development workshop. The dream development workshop switched gears to not only focus on the improvement of Ghalani, but also on Tabitha as an entrepreneur, as they ask members to consider if their companies truly matched their dreams.

For Tabitha, this part was incredibly important. “You tend to give your all if it’s in line with what you’re dreaming about.”

[caption id="attachment_5409" align="aligncenter" width="665"] Tabitha in Germany with other Enpact participants.[/caption]

During the event, it became apparent that the confidence Tabitha has in her pitching skills and ability to answer market questions gave her an upper hand.  “The exposure and education that MEST has set as a basis has given me an edge. There’s so much we learned from MEST that we can share with people,”  she explained.

While in Europe, Tabitha had the exciting opportunity to support fellow MEST entrepreneur Kena Amoah of Kudobuzz and see how the skills she’s learned can continue to evolve. Kena is representing Kudobuzz in Google and CCHub’s PitchDrive, on a European tour with 14 African startups. Watching Kena pitch and afterwards explaining how she knew him to the rest of the Enpact group was a proud moment for Tabitha.  To their question of why his pitch was so good, she explained that  “it’s like Kudobuzz is a part of him,”.

During the next eight months Tabitha hopes to benefit from the mentorship she will receive, as well as the network provided by Enpact. She’s meeting CEOs from all over who work in a wide variety of sectors and regions. Tabitha believes this really makes a difference, as “it is nice to have someone who’s not used to what your are doing as they see the problem with a fresh pair of eyes.”

In October, Tabitha’s mentor will arrive in Ghana for a one-one-one visit and we’re sure he’ll be impressed!