Dropque Heads to PeaceTech Accelerator in US

Sylvana Lewin, Monday June 11th 2018

We’re excited to announce MEST Portfolio Company Dropque has been accepted into the PeaceTech Accelerator program in Washington D.C. The PeaceTech Accelerator is an eight-week program providing intensive mentorship and training, with particular emphasis on cloud technology, to startups developing and using innovative technologies to help to bring about the end of violent conflict and promote sustainable peace.

The founders of Dropque have designed technology that allows companies to interview candidates anywhere and cut recruitment time by 50%. We spoke to CEO Opeyemi Akinwoleola to learn more about what makes Dropque a PeaceTech brand and why he believes PeaceTech is so important.

[caption id="attachment_6896" align="aligncenter" width="665"]Dropque team with MEST founder and Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen. The Dropque team with MEST founder and Meltwater CEO Jorn Lyseggen.[/caption]

Tell us a bit about the PeaceTech Accelerator program and what made you interested in applying.

The Peace Tech Accelerator is a Public Private Partnership between Peace Tech Labs (United States Institute of Peace) and C5 Capital, a London-based VC Fund focused on providing support and mentorship for companies building solutions that impact different indices of world peace using exponential technology.

The accelerator's overarching vision of promoting peace through technology dovetails with our vision of raising people out of poverty through employment generation to prevent them from being radicalized and/or turn to violent crime. Not only this, but the deep enterprise networks the accelerator has made it a no brainer since we could garner partnerships and potential customers from their relationships.

PeaceTech is defined as the application of technology to assist civilians living in conflict and crisis zones.Why do you believe it is important?

PeaceTech goes even beyond that and extends to domestic violence, violence against women and minors, and even crime. It's very important that the technological world orients the solutions we build to create stable environments where people can be the best they can without fear of violence, poverty, and other societal ailments, which stem from a lack of peace. Technology is a powerful tool that can be used either in service of peace or in service of violence and hate; but if we design solutions focused on peace from day one, we make it that much easier for society to be stable.

What makes Dropque "PeaceTech"?

Dropque’s proprietary technology allows companies to discover young talent regardless of geographical location, financial barriers, IT problems, and more. As many young people are facing recruitment from insurgency groups, criminal gangs, and terrorists, it’s important that companies can successfully battle this with their own recruitment processes. With more young minds active in the workforce, economies grow and become less prone to violence.

How would you like to see the PeaceTech Industry grow in the future?

Massively, I hope. Modern companies are focusing more and more on designing for impact, whether they make profit or not. We are at a tipping point where companies should be more mission driven than profit driven. You can make money, but you can't spend it if there's a war tearing down the society around you.

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