Accra Startup Weekend 2013: Demo List & Winners!

MEST, Wednesday November 27th 2013

The 2013 edition of 'Startup Weekend Accra' took place last weekend at the MEST Campus in East Legon, Accra. Quite similar to last year's event, 10 teams pitched on the final DEMO night.

Here's a peek at the teams and ideas:

Pay Button Africa: Allows you to receive payment from any country in the world through bitcoin. PayButton pays you the equivalent amount in your local currency.

MyWard: Allows parents keep track of their children's progress in school. Comes with dashboard for school administrators to manage data.

Optics4Africa: Making market data on Africa simple, intuitive and readily available for investors, stakeholders and market analysts interested in doing business in Africa.

Chillax: A hangout app that gives users tailor made recommendations. The app studies user behaviour and recommends places it knows a user will be interested in.

OstenView: OstenView leverages on social media data to give companies an overview of the persona of potential employees.

Sapporati: A mobile platform application that facilitates customer to business interaction. Without knowing contacts of businesses & key personalities, Sapporati provides the platform for customers to communicate with cooperate enterprises via e-mail and phone. Based on location APIs, users can find locations of companies, additionally, users have the opportunity to find job vacancies in the respective companies.

BizStamp: BizStamp simply provides users with a tool for electronic authentication of documents.

EduAid: Allows parents to academically assess their  children through an interactive and collaborative test system.

Fabrique: An online shop for authentic African fabric. As an e-commerce platform, the paltform ensures the journey from first contact through to final delivery memorable.

... and the WINNERS!

1st Prize: Team Chillax

2nd Prize: Team Optics4Africa

  • 3 Months free access to Hub Accra

3rd Prize: Team Fabrique

  • 3 Months free access to Hub Accra