10 startups selected for #Africa4Future accelerator

Sylvana Lewin, Wednesday January 30th 2019

We are excited to announce the 10 startups selected for the Airbus Bizlab #Africa4Future Accelerator! #Africa4Future is a joint initiative between Airbus Bizlab and GIZ’s Make IT in Africa initiative, together with MEST and South African based innovation consultancy Innocircle. The 10 finalists, who will now participate in the program, have been selected from over 300 startups from nearly 20 countries across the continent. Learn more about them below!

Astral Aerial (Kenya)

Kenyan company Astral Aerial was founded in 2016. The company provides a variety of services including aerial structural inspection, freight and cargo logistics, security and aerial surveillance for the oil and gas industry as well as freight and supply chain logistics. Their drones are also used to support humanitarian responses and can be used to provide first responders with better situational awareness, locate survivors, perform structural analysis of damaged infrastructure, deliver needed supplies, and more.

Cote d’Ivoire Drone (Ivory Coast)

Cote d’Ivoire Drone manufactures drones locally in Cote d’Ivoire, which can be used for various purposes including within the agriculture, mining, and energy industries. From cartography and geo mapping to security and surveillance, their drones are able to support various areas of work.

Element Numerics (South Africa)

South African company Element Numerics uses computational fluid dynamics techniques to design their machines and components, which range from aircraft to heart valves.

Lentera Limited (Kenya)

Lentera Limited is a farming technology company based in Kenya that enables farmers to adapt to climate change through precision agriculture, climate smart farm inputs, and conservation agriculture. Through their farm sensors and satellite technology, they are working to support food security.

Maisha ICT Tech (Ethiopia)

Based in Ethiopia, Maisha ICT Tech uses locally built drones to deliver medicine, blood, and other healthcare items to rural areas.

MamaBird (Malawi)

Out of Malawi, MamaBird is an emerging drone logistics company focused on maternal and newborn health. Using drone technology, they are delivering lifesaving supplies to the last mile working to bridge the gap for less privileged communities in accessing quality health care. Their custom made solutions are geared to solve the logistics bottlenecks in getting healthcare to vulnerable communities in a cost effective manner.

Map Action (Mali)

Map Action is a Mali based company tackling the informational challenges faced in many humanitarian emergencies. After an emergency, MapAction quickly gathers this crucial data at the disaster scene, conveying it usually in the form of maps. This shared operational picture is given to aid agencies, governments, and local partners and helps them make informed decisions and deliver aid and emergency supplies to the right place, quickly.

MobiTech Water Solutions (Kenya)

MobiTech Water Solutions has developed a convenient, real-time water monitoring and management solution that allows customers to monitor the water level in any tank or reservoir in any location from their phone or computer.

Track Your Build (Nigeria)

Nigerian company Track Your Build provides insight for companies, NGOs, and governments who are building or already own infrastructure and need reliable and high quality data to manage ongoing projects or maintain existing assets. The data provided helps customers make key operations and business decisions.

WiPo Wireless Power (South Africa)

WiPo Wireless Power provides wireless power solutions for ultra high power equipment out of South Africa. They provide and install a safe, convenient and reliable wireless power charger for drones and other industrial equipment.

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