AniTrack Completes Kosmos Innovation Centre Entrepreneurship Challenge

Abu Okari | Tuesday, September 5th, 2017

On Thursday, MEST incubator company AniTrack completed the Kosmos Innovation Centre Entrepreneurship Challenge. The Kosmos Innovation Centre is an initiative of Kosmos Energy in partnership with MEST, to find and support innovative technology solutions that address challenges in agriculture. The final results from this year’s challenge were announced during a presentation last Thursday.

Kosmos Energy will provide US$50,000 to two businesses during their twelve month incubation period at KIC within the MEST Accra incubator.

AniTrack was founded by MEST Entrepreneurs-in-Training from the 2017 cohort. Abdul Hak Saani, one of the team members who is also a cattle farmer, joined the AniTrack via the KIC Challenge application process.  AniTrack uses RFID and sensor technology to track the health and movement of farm animals. They tag animals on the ear with sensors which monitor the animal’s temperature and location. Temperature is a key indicator of an animal’s health.

AniTrack Co-Founder & CEO Winnie Akoko watches as cow gets tagged during an AniTrack pilot.

“We learnt during our research that veterinarians rely on temperature a lot to tell an animal’s well being. Any fluctuations could be an indicator of a major health issue,” said Co-Founder Tony Marfo.

If the sensors detect any change in temperature, a notification is sent to the farmer,  a veterinarian closest to the animal, and AniTrack.

AniTrack was founded 8 months ago. Since then, they’ve successfully completed a pilot in the Volta region, tracking over 100 animals. Their current focus is to improve their systems before launching fully in the market.

In the future, the team is looking into integrating animal services as well, especially with a focus on theft. The tracker will send a notification to the farmer if the animal is not within the prescribed radius.  

Congratulations to AgroInnova and QualiTrace, who will receive funding and incubation through KIC!

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