Adventure, Lessons and Fun at Freeing Africa

MEST | Monday, September 18th, 2017

By Stephanie Omolu

Saturday morning was wet in Accra. However, that was not going to dampen the mood for my fellow Entrepreneurs-in-Training and I. We had planned for a day of learning and having fun at the Freeing Africa space. We were going to use our proceeds from the BBB Challenge to grow our experience, and as always, have fun while at it.

Freeing Africa is a real escape gaming experience which requires team effort to free oneself from a room filled with mystery, under time constraints. There are different rooms; the Lost Chamber, Prison Chaos, 90 degree Fantasy Soccer, and Mirror of Love which offer different experiences. The overarching themes are however, similar.



In the room called Prison Chaos, a team has to use clues on the wall to help scientists locked in, and forced to do frenzied experiments, to escape. For room Lost Chamber, you wake up from a moment of unconsciousness to find yourself blindfolded and handcuffed in a room where the only easily accessible tool is a spotlight. You will have to use the spotlight to find clues on the walls that will lead you out. In Mirror of Love, teams are divided into two groups to correspond with the two rooms in the chamber; the dark and bright room. Together, they will have to find clues to break each other out.

The EITs and fellows split into teams whose names corresponded to the rooms. Team Prison Chaos used skills from recognizing patterns to paying attention to details to find their way out of the room. For the teams that went into the Lost Chamber, resourcefulness was key; they had to use what they had, a spotlight, to find the clues and, subsequently, their way out of the room. For the two teams that went into Lost Chamber, one got out in time, the other one ran out of time. In the Mirror of Love, the two teams had to work together despite being in two different rooms; teamwork was the key.

A few of the MESTers share their experiences of the various rooms they found themselves in.

Ehiaghe Aigiomawu, Prison Chaos: “Getting in there and having no clue of what to look for was quite confusing. However, fifteen minutes in, we got our first clue, thanks to the assistance of  member of the Freeing Africa support staff.

All in all, it was a mind boggling experience. I loved it. The experience taught me to think fast and find patterns in difficult situations. My team was very happy to have been able to successfully find the clues and break out of the prison in time”.

Cavendish Mwangi, the Lost Chamber: “It was an exciting experience. Blindfolded and handcuffed, my team and I were escorted into a dark room, where we were offered two clues and allocated 45 minutes to find the rest. Getting the first clue was easy but getting the rest took a lot  teamwork.

In general, the experience was educative  and  fun. I learned more about working in teams. Participating in this game is definitely something I would love to do again”.

Ibrahim Oladele, Lost Chamber: “It was a bit tough at the beginning. However, five minutes in, we had to look inward and summon our deductive reasoning to decode the clues and find a way out. The first thing was to make sure we worked as a team. After that, we pretty much easily figured the way out, unlike the previous group who had been unable to escape before the allotted time.

I learned that in every situation you have to look inward. There is always that inner strength to overcome any challenge”.

Jida Asare, Mirror of Love: “It was intriguing. We had been held in suspense regarding what to expect. When we got to the venue, we were offered two rooms, one dark, one white. Two teams, four people, one goal- to get each other out!

The clues in the dark room had the key for the team in the white room, and vice versa. Identifying the first symbol of love was easy. Thinking through was quite a challenge. The solution to our challenge required four unique skills: thinking outside the box, working as a team(despite being in two different rooms), extreme persistence, and working within the limited time frame.

At last we came out free from the rooms but not without learning a few lessons. I loved the experience and would love to do that time over again with my team.”

As part of the training program, MEST EITs take part in off-campus activities, like the excursion to Freeing Africa, that expose them to real business and leadership experiences. You can also experience this as part of acquiring world class entrepreneurship training at MEST. Click here to learn how to become part of MEST.