5 Takeaways from The Art and Science of Pitching with Cedric Atangana

Abu Okari | Thursday, November 16th, 2017

MEST Lagos hosted the second event in its Talks series on 13th November, featuring Cedric Atangana who discussed the art and science of pitching. Cedric is a Co-Founder of Infinity Space whose flagship product is WeCashUP, an API that integrates all mobile money platforms, cash, bank wallets, credit and debit cards, and cryptocurrency payments in Africa in one universal gateway.

Cedric, a life long learner, takes notes even during his presentations.

To give the audience a firsthand example of the points he would later illustrate, Cedric started with an exercise; he divided the participants into two groups and proceeded to separately give a different pitch to each. One group got a pitch focusing on the challenges that made Cedric start his business, while the other focused on the technical side of the business, like product features and an analysis of the market and the competition.  

These pitches formed the basis for his presentation. Here are the key takeaways.

Pitches should be tailored to the audience, not the speaker’s opinions of himself or his product

Drawing on his introductory exercise, Cedric described how one pitch was designed to provoke an emotive response while the other a more objective response. This is because one was meant to emotionally appeal to customers, while the other was an investor pitch that showed how the business is structured and how it will make money. What works for investors will not work for fellow entrepreneurs or customers.

Research well while preparing for a pitch

Always do your homework. You need to know your audience. What do they want to hear? What is their state of mind? A savvy entrepreneur must know the expectations of his listener or he will fail despite his best efforts because he does not realize that they are not interested in the side of the story he has chosen to tell at that time.

Be articulate, engaging and informed

You need to be engaging and to speak with a proper command of your subject. Know your company inside and out, and dive into the fine details. The goal is to inspire confidence so they are more likely to invest.

Fit all necessary information into allotted time

Learn how to condense all important information into a limited timeslot. He drew on his own experience winning the Google I/O pitch competition where he had to communicate the motivation, value, impact and strategy behind his company and product in just sixty seconds!

Know what to give, and when to give

When shopping for investors, do not give too much information away too quickly.  Investors always know what they want, so it is important that you give them just enough information to stimulate their curiosity and when they start asking a lot of questions, you can tell that they are interested.

MEST Lagos organizes engaging and informative sessions that cover a wide range of topics and take different format. The next event will be a Masterclass by Giorgio Orsi on how to leverage data to gain an upper hand in the current competitive global business landscape. You can reserve your slot by following this link.