MEST at DEMO Africa 2014

MEST | Monday, September 22nd, 2014

This week, hundreds of Africa’s most promising technology teams, investors, and business decision makers will gather in Lagos, Nigeria for Africa’s largest startup launch event: DEMO Africa 2014.



Will you be at DEMO Africa 2014? Representatives from MEST Incubator will be on the ground, so if you’d like to meet up, kindly reach out to!


Meet MEST Incubator Companies at DEMO

Two MEST Incubator companies will be presenting at DEMO Africa this year. Here they are!


PaySail ( is a simple payroll solution for African businesses. Full-featured accounting software packages cater poorly to the needs and budgets of African small business. With PaySail, African businesses are able to set up an automated payroll system that is simple to set up, delightful to use, and capable of handling domestic tax requirements without hassle. Keep up with PaySail at DEMO Africa on Twitter: @happypayroll


Beam ( harnesses the power of Bitcoin technology to enable instant, affordable remittances to Ghana and Nigeria. When someone sends money to loved ones using Beam, more of that money reaches the recipient than if the sender had sent the same amount through Western Union or Moneygram. Keep up with Beam at DEMO Africa on Twitter: @BeamRemit


Experience DEMO Africa 2014 with MEST

Couldn’t make it to DEMO Africa? Don’t worry – we’ll be sharing highlights of the entire event on social media.

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