Become a Teaching Fellow

Become a Teaching Fellow

Our fantastic Teaching Fellows train and mentor Entrepreneurs in Training, and help shape Africa’s emerging tech ecosystem. Coming from all over the world, Teaching Fellows bring a wealth of experience and insight to their classes.


Teaching Fellow Application Timeline

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4. Start Date

August 1st 2016


“You’d be surprised just how much you learn in your time here. You learn about subjects you were never before exposed to, you learn about differences in culture and personality, and you learn about yourself. But my favorite part is the immediate, tangible differences you can see in the students – beyond the concepts you’re teaching, you can see them grow as people; you can see the sparks going off as they begin to imagine their future businesses, and you can say “I helped make that happen.”

Thea Sokolowski, Business Teaching Fellow

Meet our Teaching Fellows

Thea Sokolowski is a graduate of New York University and a Business Teaching Fellow at MEST. Thea shares her favourite things about being a teaching fellow, such as the opportunity to learn an incredible amount while making a real impact on the professional development of her students.

Ben Sholes is a former IT security consultant and a Technology Teaching Fellow at MEST. Ben explains what makes the MEST community is so special, and describes the profile of an ideal candidate to the Teaching Fellow position.

Help Train the Next Generation of Tech Entrepreneurs

MEST is recruiting recent graduates with a passion for teaching and a strong background in business and/or entrepreneurship for a one-year assignment teaching talented university graduates in Accra, Ghana.

On a daily basis, Teaching Fellows support MEST Trainees in developing their entrepreneurial and global business skills. They work in dynamic teams with other Fellows from around the world, which are led by Faculty that have significant software and business experience.

This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a team that is helping shape an entire generation of African tech startups. Because of the challenges Teaching Fellows face as they seek to make a significant impact on MEST, and their Trainees, the recruitment process is selective. Although our program is selective, applicants do not compete against one another for a fixed number of positions. MEST is focused on finding the right fit, and the right team dynamics. We evaluate every applicant, and those who demonstrate strong evidence of initiative and resourcefulness are successful.


  1. USD 1000 monthly stipend
  2. Travel, housing, meals and emergency health insurance provided by MEST
  3. Invaluable work and life experience in an entrepreneurial organization working to make a difference
  4. Teaching experience and international work experience
  5. Develop relationships with Africa’s future leaders as well as influential decision makers from across the continent

“If there was ever a time in your life to be challenged, inspired, and have a significant impact, it is here and now. In no other environment will you witness individual passion and purpose so deliberately pronounced than at MEST. If you’re looking for an opportunity to work in an entrepreneurial environment with a diverse, bright, motivated, and fun group of young people from all over the world, look no further than MEST!”

Colin Casey, Business Teaching Fellow

Apply to be a Teaching Fellow

Open Positions:

Technology Teaching Fellow

Business Teaching Fellow

Communications Teaching Fellow

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Do you have any questions regarding becoming a teaching fellow? contact Amma Baffoe, Head of Communications & Recruitment at MEST at