Portfolio Companies

MEST has invested in over 20 early stage companies in industries such as e-commerce, healthcare IT, consumer internet, and digital media.


Effective church administration and seamless member engagement

Asoriba is a web and mobile application that enables effective church administration for leaders and seamless engagement with members.

asoribagh@gmail.com | nana@asoriba.com


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Get things done back home in Ghana.

Beam is a concierge service that serves the needs of Ghanaians abroad. We help you choose and deliver gifts to loved ones, pay hospital bill and school fees, and check up on your construction project in Ghana.



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Flippy Campus

The Ultimate Campus Experience

Flippy Campus is an app that puts a student’s entire campus experience on his phone. On Flippy Campus, students can get notices and announcements from their department, hall or social groups on campus. Students can also connect with their friends on campus as well as people in other schools.



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Boost Sales with Social Reviews

Kudobuzz is a customizable tool that allows e-commerce websites to feature select positive social testimonials & product / services reviews on their websites and interact directly with the people who are talking about them. Our machine-learning algorithms filter and categorize a brand’s social buzz in real time, to accurately identify praise, flag discontent and highlight potential for follow-up, ensuring brands don’t miss an opportunity to engage their customers.



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Leti Arts

Mobile Gaming & Digital Media

Leti Arts (formerly Leti Games) is a digital media company leading the next wave of Africa’s rich storytelling tradition. Our vision is to shape a new generation of uniquely African content by creating engaging comic and games that pay homage to the continent’s greatest legends. Our content portfolio borrows from fables told by the Zulu, Massai, Ashanti and more to craft new tales appealing to a modern audience. Using exciting, interactive, mobile-driven mediums, our digital content will reignite the imaginations of children and adults alike.



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The Easiest Way to Rent, Buy, and Sell Property in Ghana

Online real estate marketplace that provides access to real estate with all pertinent information and images attached. Real estate developments of all categories are covered, from daily leases to two-year rent contracts and sales as well. Home owners and real estate agents can list easily on the site or from their android smart phones at their own convenience with ease. meQasa provides a house seeker with, in addition to the required information provided by real estate development representatives (agents and owners), information on locations of essential service providers in proximity to each listing viewed. The goal is to provide all information necessary for making a final buying decision so a seeker is close to closing the deal by the time of viewing the property offline.



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Empowering Connections

Nandimobile provides on-demand services that enable businesses to connect with their customers on their mobile phones in a way that can easily be managed and monitored.



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Reaching Africa Seamlessly

PollAfrique is a web & mobile solution designed to facilitate primary market and social research in Africa, by allowing respondents to participate in incentive surveys via SMS, USSD, IVR, and e-mail channels. PollAfrique provides the convenience of a wide pool of African respondents, enabling researchers to reach targeted demographics, thereby improving overall response rates in the administration of surveys.



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Your Store Everywhere

RetailTower creates e-commerce marketing software that helps online merchants promote their products and drive traffic through online sales channels. RetailTower serves more than 10,000 online retailers, integrates with leading e-commerce platforms and comparisonshopping engines. We’re also a Preferred Solutions Provider for Amazon product Ads.



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Multi-Channel Inventory and Order Management

SynCommerce is the easiest way for online merchants to manage inventory and process orders across multiple sales channels from a centralized dashboard.

all@syncommerceapp.com | all@maverickstechnologies.com


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Software Intelligence for the Freight Forwarding Industry

Vestracker is the information management service for the freight forwarding industry. We make acquiring, sharing and managing freight information easy and accessible. For both small and multinational freight forwarders, the problem is clear; they spend valuable time and resources inefficiently tracking shipments, often across several shipping lines with multiple stakeholders involved in each transaction. Vestracker automates this process and makes it more efficient.




Past Investments

Claim Sync

Acquired by Genkey. ClaimSync helps healthcare providers create electronic patient records, prepare medical claims, and send claims to health insurance companies in electronic format. This enables our clients to significantly decrease claims processing costs, limit data entry errors and improve overall efficiency.


Acquired by Kirusa. Saya offers a cross-platform mobile group messaging application that is available to both feature and smart phone users.


Life Flows in Streams. We Help You Collect and Share Them

Suba is a photosharing app that offers users access to memories from every perspective of an event. Users can create, join and share photo albums in a fun and controlled way. It’s also easy to comment, favorite or even doodle on photos to enrich the social experience of events.



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