Become an Incubator Fellow

Become an Incubator Fellow

Incubator Fellows work extremely closely with entrepreneurs at the MEST Incubator to realize the vision of building globally successful tech startups in Africa.


Incubator Fellow Application Timeline

1. Application Period

All year round

2. Screening and Interviews

All year round

3. Offers Sent Out

All year round

4. Start Date

All year round

“As an Incubator Fellow, no two days are ever the same. With more than a dozen companies, all doing different things and facing unique problems, every day presents a new challenge. I love coming into work every day knowing that I will be learning something new, and knowing that I’ll be required to think creatively to help a company solve real-world issues.”

Kwaku Osei, Incubator Business Fellow

Meet our Incubator Fellows

Philip Crawford is a graduate of Stanford University, and a Incubator Business Development Fellow here at MEST. He shares his favourite moments from working closely with the Incubator’s 13 early stage companies.

Kwaku Osei is an Incubator Business Development Fellow, and a graduate of Yale University and Cambridge University. Kwaku describes his experience as a young Ghanaian returning to work in Ghana after studying and working abroad.

Help Shape the Future of African Tech Startups

The MEST Incubator is looking for exceptional young professionals for a one-year assignment supporting software startup companies in our incubator in Accra, Ghana. The incubator is currently home to 15 (and growing) funded startup companies, comprised of graduates from our award-winning entrepreneurship training program.   Our Incubator Fellows work extremely closely with our entrepreneurs in a broad variety of ways, including sales, business development, marketing, design, and product development. You will work in a dynamic team led by the Managing Director of the Incubator, together with fellows and staff from around the world.   This is a unique opportunity for you to be part of a team that is helping shape an entire generation of African tech startups. Because of the challenges that Incubator Fellows face as they seek to make a significant impact on the companies they support, the recruitment process is selective. Applicants do not compete against one another for a fixed number of positions. MEST is focused on finding the right fit, and the right team dynamics. We evaluate every applicant, and those who demonstrate strong evidence of initiative and resourcefulness are successful.  


  1. USD 1000 monthly stipend
  2. Travel, housing, meals and emergency health insurance provided by MEST
  3. Invaluable work and life experience in an entrepreneurial organization working to make a difference
  4. International work experience
  5. Develop relationships with Africa’s future leaders as well as influential decision makers from across the continent

“It’s exciting to see teams progress, do well, and overcome hurdles. As an Incubator Fellow, you are always questioning how to do things better. If you are really keen to gain a diverse set of skills, be challenged, whilst also working within a close knit community, you should consider becoming an MEST Incubator Fellow. “

Rhys Moyne, Incubator Technical Fellow

Further Inquiries

Want to know more about the incubator or the Incubator Fellow role? Contact Ashwin Ravichandran (General Manager, MEST Incubator Accra) at

Apply to be an Incubator Fellow

Applications are now open for Incubator Fellows from anywhere in the world. Think you have the skills to take on this challenge? Click to apply here.