Common traits entrepreneurs share: My tag cloud

admin | Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

I recently asked this question on twitter, ‘what are some of the common traits all entrepreneurs share?’ In response to the question, the tag cloud below captures a summary of the most commonly used words by some respondents to describe entrepreneurs.

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The objective of this post is to pick your brains on what these traits are, because I am certain there are a dozen more traits other than the ones captured in the tag cloud above. What are your thoughts on some  common traits you can identify with entrepreneurs, it’d be great to hear your comments 🙂

  • Great post Amma but i have been waiting for so long for yet another post on this blog, i guess the content should be frequent enough. I have learn’t a lot from this blog site and i check it almost everyday of the week unless i have no access to internet.

    Entrepreneurs share a lot of traits in common. It’s amazing but that is how it is. Some traits differ from entrepreneur to entrepreneur and sometimes with different degrees of these trait.

    In my opinion some of the traits i will talk about is that of curiosity. Entrepreneurs are very curious but it’s not the kind of curiosity we see among ourselves in our various communities and societies. I will term that kind of curiosity as “undercover curiosity”.

    Entrepreneurs find out stuffs by asking questions and probing. They do it in a grand style that you will not notice they are pulling chunks of information from you. Mostly when entrepreneurs want to find out something and they realised the other party doesn’t want to respond, contin.

  • Continuation of comment…

    in the affirmative. They find other ways of asking the same question and get a lot of information than what they wanted to find out.

    Entrepreneurs are also unpredictable and for them there is no limit.

    They think outside the box and always look at the bigger picture.

    • Amma Baffoe

      Thanks Emmanuel, couldn’t agree with you more that entrepreneurs are ‘curious’. That actually stems from the fact that they ask a lot of questions, always wanting to know ‘why’ things are the way they are, and perhaps try to find new ways of doing thing. Thanks for sharing Emmanuel and keep reading 🙂

  • Jesse Ntow

    Entrepreneurs are initiators. The prefer venturing into the unknown, eventhough its risky. They are not afraid of failure. This is because, they believe failure precedes success. Lastly, entrepreneurs never give up. They will bounce back after a hard defeat.

    • Amma Baffoe

      Thanks for sharing Jesse 🙂

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