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The Meltwater Entrepreneurial School of Technology (MEST) and the MEST Incubator program provide training, investment and mentoring for aspiring technology entrepreneurs with the goal of creating globally successful companies that create wealth and jobs locally in Africa.

Established in Ghana in 2008, MEST offers aspiring African entrepreneurs a fully sponsored intensive twelve-month program. Sourced from top graduates in Ghana, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, these Entrepreneurs-In-Training (EITs) are selected each year to receive comprehensive training across the spectrum of skills required to build successful tech businesses, including computer programming, software development, product management, finance, marketing, sales and leadership best practices.

After completion of the program, the EITs have the opportunity to pitch a business concept. Winning teams receive a seed round from the MEST Incubator to pursue their idea.

MEST in the News

“Founded in February 2008 in Ghana’s capital city of Accra, MEST, as it’s known, started out with modest aims: to take the brightest and most willing minds they could find, and put them through a rigorous two year training programme to become tech entrepreneurs. Indeed, MEST pre-dates Y Combinator’s most recent overture to invest in people and ideas even before they have a startup idea.”

Techcrunch, Out Of Africa — A Whole MEST Of Startups Emerges In Ghana

The Meltwater Foundation

Today, MEST is fully backed by The Meltwater Foundation, a not-for-profit arm of the Meltwater Group. Headquartered in San Francisco with 1290 employees and 55 offices across the world, Meltwater is the global leader for online news and social media analytics. Meltwater’s media intelligence products analyze billions of digital documents daily to extract precise, timely business insights that help more than 24,000 companies understand their markets, engage their customers, and master the new social business environment.


Meltwater is dedicated to personal, global service built on local expertise, and MEST benefits from both the deep financial and human capital resources that are extended each year to the program. Meltwater’s success has been built through the nurturing and developing of talent and its support of MEST is a natural extension of this mission.

The MEST concept was developed by Jorn Lyseggen, CEO of the Meltwater Group. He believes that talent is everywhere, and that with the right support and guidance people can achieve great things. This belief is the foundation for MEST, which is proving that a new generation of young, successful global software entrepreneurs can originate in Africa.

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We are located in East Legon near the A&C Mall, and just behind the Lizzy Sports Complex. If you are arriving by taxi, direct them to the A&C Mall in East Legon, then follow our signs which start at the Noble House Chinese Restaurant billboard just in front of the gas station at the Mall. Our building is bright blue and should be within a 4 minute walk.

If you require further directions, kindly contact our front desk at 030-393-3257 if you’re calling from a local phone number, or +233-30-393-3257 if you’re calling from an international number.


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